Deep Tissue Massage Manchester

Deep Tissue Massage Manchester – Just one of the treatments we offer here at NH Physiotherapy

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that is a bit more intense than a relaxing massage that you might get in a spa. It focuses on realigning the deeper layers of your muscles and your connective tissue.

It has lots of useful benefits and is great for keeping you moving better and pain free.

What is deep tissue massage?

Deep Tissue Massage is one of the best and most effective ways to treat pain and injury. We use firm pressure designed to release tight layers of muscle and tissue, which usually develops from bad posture, injury or overuse. This can help to restore movement in the soft tissues reduce pain, muscle spasm and stress from the affected areas.

What are the main benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage?

  • This type of massage can help to relax tight and stiff muscles and promote movement without pain.
  • Reduce underlying muscle tension and treat chronic pain that you might be experiencing such as back or shoulder pain
  • A great stress reliever and way to feel relaxed.
  • Can help to free up “creaky” or clicky joints and release muscles that may be stuck.

Why should I consider deep tissue massage?

This type of massage is an effective way of treating chronic problems such as stiff necks, strained or twisted shoulder muscles, and lower back stiffness or pain.

It is also one for the best ways to help treat pain and discomfort in conditions such as whiplash and after a fall or a sports injury.

What should I expect from a deep tissue massage?

Our highly trained physio here at HN Physiotherapy in Manchester City Centre may use their hands, fingertips, knuckles even elbows, to effectively release areas of tension. On occasion you may be asked to take a deep breath to help you to relax.

With deep tissue, it’s not always all about pressing harder it’s about going slower. We will listen to to your muscles and you’re allowing the muscle to relax and let you in.

If we were focusing on your back as an example we may to go along the spine using my elbow and forearm, buy never touching the spine itself. We would just be focusing on the muscles on either side.

This deeper method of massage can sometime cause discomfort during, or in the day after, however this is simply your muscles releasing  tension and also some toxins.

This usually disappears after about 24 hours or so.

This type of massage is mainly helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas, especially if you suffer from shoulder problems, lower back pain or a stiff neck. Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down scar tissue to relieve pain and restore normal movement. To do this we often use direct deep pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles to ensure you re back to normal as quickly as possible.

Regular deep tissue massage can help break down scar tissue, remove the build up of harmful toxins, improve mobility and reduce your risk of further injury and make you feel super relaxed.

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